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Ding Dong Dim Sum – Review


This gorgeous cook-at-home dim sum delivery box was kindly gifted to me to try by @ding_dong_dim_sum and I was SO impressed. I was sent the Ding Dong Favourites Box (Serves 4) and there were so many exciting elements to the box, here’s what’s included:

🥟Char siu bun (4)
The classic salty and sweet pork sat inside a beautifully fluffy bun. (d)

🥟Prawn and pork siu mai (12)
A classic, minced pork and prawns sittingin little golden parcels.

🥟Pork and chive Japanese Gyoza (8)
These are super tasty – crispy outside with a gorgeous mince pork filling

🥟Chicken and vegetable Japanese gyoza (8)
Minced chicken and mixed vegetable filling inside a crispy pastry.

🥟Prawn Har Kau (8)
Absolute legends, these little prawn filled,silky white dumplings are their favorites (they do contain some meat though).

🥟Spicy tofu and vegetable dumplings (8)
A spicy mixed vegetable and tofu filling, really tasty

🥟Carrot slaw kit
This is a DIY bit – everything you need to make the perfect Ding Dong slaw. Carrots, spring onion, chilli and our famous slaw tang. Grater not included!

🥟Sticky rice

With every order they provide a selection of their amazing
dips- all are vegan and all are delicious.

Also included were biodegradable steamers to cook your dim sum & chop sticks for eating! I honestly couldn’t fault this company, from the eco-friendly (super cute) packaging to the tasty dim sum, they’ve nailed it! These boxes would be so good for entertaining friends or a special date night!

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