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My 3 Favourite Burgers in The Cotswolds

Halloumi & Sweet Chilli at The Woozy Pig (Dunkertons)

This insanely juicy burger contains a smashed ex dairy patty, griddled halloumi slices, Tubby Tom’s sweet chilli jam, burger cheese & bacconaise. ENOUGH SAID.


SMITHS CLASSIC at Smiths of Bourton

Always been an all time fave, I love this burger so much I actaully get scared to try anything else on the menu in fear of dissapointment HA, is anyone else the same?! Here’s what’s in it: Burnt butter miso that’s served with American cheese, bacon, pickled onions, and pickles. A real umami experience


The Dirty Boy at The Beefy Boys Cheltenham

New to Cheltenham the Beefy Boys have made quite the impact in to the local burger scene! Again, I went for fairly classic flavours but you just cant beat this combo…smashed patty, double american cheese, dirty mayo, beef dripping onions & bacon!

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